Opinions of ancient philosophers
(Prototype of a collection of all ancient testimonies related to philosophers of greco-roman world)


This collection of testimonies aims at collecting in a database the text of the sources related to the so-called presocratic philosophers.

This collection of testimonies has been at first limited to Milesian (Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes) and Eleatic philosophers (Xenophanes, Parmenides, Zeno, Melissus). This limitation was only a practical one. This web site, and the database attached to it, is only to be considered as a prototype of what an exhaustive collection of testimonies related to presocratic philosophers should look like. The work has not to be considered as a finished one : indexations, at many levels, have not been completed, texts are still lacking, etc.

Any remark or critical comment will be appreciated.

As, more notably, general doxographical texts or wide contexts of quotations are considered in this database, a lot of philosophers who are not “presocratics” in any sense of the word are also indexed. However, our aim is not for now to give an exhaustive collection of these philosophers.

The project must be considered upstream from classical editions of fragments and testimonies: the collection of texts is not a selective one. It rather tries to constitute a general Index of all available extant sources. Fragments, as verbatim quotations, will not be proposed in the form of reconstructed texts: quotations are given in their original contexts, in order to give a global but precise view of transmission. As a whole, this work may be taken as a way to give useful preparatory tools to achieve research or editorial projects concerning presocratic philosophy.

Nevertheless, an annex part of the web site is devoted to editions of fragments. Our aim has been mainly in this case to give the possibility to compare different ancient editions of poetical fragments (for now, Parmenides and Empedocles) and to obtain the text of all extant ancient quotations for a particular verse.

NB. For English speakers : this web site remains today basically written in french. We hope to achieve in the near future a translation of its menu and its other parts. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain further information about the way to use the different tools or to give constructive comments about this work.

Gérard Journée ,
Centre Léon Robin (UMR 8061), Paris IV-ENS

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